Mercedes ECUs List

Mercedes ECUs List

AAC (Automatic Air Conditioning)

AAM (All Activity Module)

AB (Airbag)

ABC (Active Body Control)

ABR (Adaptive Brake (Chassis CAN Bus))

ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)

ADS (Adaptive Damping System)

AGW ( Audio Gateway)

AHE (Trailer Recognition)

ALWR (Headlamp Range Adjustment)

APS (Auto Pilot System)

ASR (Anti Slip Regulator)

ASSYST (Active Service System)

ATA (Anti-Theft Alarm)

BAS (Brake Assist)

BNS (Vehicle Power Supply Control Module)

CDC (CD Changer)

CDI (Common Rail Diesel Injection)

CGW (Central Gateway)

CM (Compass Module)

COU (Central Operating Unit)

CTEL (Cellular Telephone)

DAS (Drive Authorization System)

DCM1 (Door Control Module Front Driver Side)

DCM2 (Door Control Module Front Passenger Side)

DCM3 (Door Control Module Rear Driver Side)

DCM4 (Door Control Module Rear Passenger Side)

DFI (Electronic Distributor Injection System Diesel)

DN (Dynamic Navigation by Means of CTEL(K-Wire))

DS (Dynamic Seat)

DSP (Pneumatic Pump for Dynamic Seat)

DTR (Distronic)

EAM (Extended Activity Module)

EIS (Electronic Ignition Switch)

ESA-FL (Electric Seat Adjustment Front Left)

ESA-FR (Electric Seat Adjustment Front Right)

ETC (Electronic Transmission Control)

ETS (Enhenced Traction System)

ESM (Electronic Selector Module)

ESP (Electronic Stability Program)

EZS (Electronic Ignition Switch)

FSCU (Fuel Pump (Drive Train CAN bus))

HFM (Hot Film Engine Management)

HBF (Rear Control Panel)

HFS (Hands Free System and Microphone)

HRA (Headlamp Rage Adjustment)

HS (Seat Heater)

HSW (Heated Steering Wheel)

ICM (Instrument Cluster with Maintenance Interval Display)

IFI (Electronic In-Line Injection System)

ISM (Intelligent Servo Module)

KBE-H -Rear (A/C Operating Unit)

KG (Keyless Go)

LCP (Lower Control Panel)

ME (Motor Electronics)

MSS (Special Vehicle Multifunction Control Module)

NSA (Night Vision Assist)

OCP (Overhead Control Panel)

OSB (Multicontour Backrest)

PSE (Pnenumatic System Equipment)

PTS (Parktronic System)

REDC (Rear-End Door Closing Control Module)

RevETR (Reversible Emergency Tensinoing Retrator)

RVC (Rollover Bar Soft Top Control Module)

SAM (Signal Acquisition and Actuation Module)

SBC (Sensotronic Brake Control)

SCM (Steering Column Module)

SDAR (Satellite Radio)

SEM (Security Module)

SGR (Radar Sensors Control Unit(SOUND Sound system)

SPS (Speed-Sensitive Power Steering)

STH (Stationary Heater with Remote Control)

SVMCM (Special Vehicle Multifunction Control Module)

TAC (Automatic Temperature Control)

TLC (Trunk Lid Control)

TPC (Tire Pressure Monitor)

UCP (Upper Control Panel)

VCS (Voice Control System)

VBF (Front Control Panel)

VP (Vacuum Pump Braker Booster)

VR (Electrohydraulic Soft Top)

WSS (Weight Sensing System)

XALWA (Xenon Headlamp)

ZAN (Central Display)