BMW Electrical Repair

BMW ECUs Repair, Coding, Cloning and Programming

New BMW cars are full of electronics. If you look at the list of BMW Controllers and Sub-Controllers, you will get confused. I will accept that it is not easy to repair the present cars, not only BMW but all. Considering the modern automotive technology complexity, we offer a few ECUs repair. If you cannot find the BMW module on this page please find the complete BMW ECUs List and Mercedes ECUs List on this website.


DDE ( Digital Diesel Electronics) ECU.

Engine Control Unit or Engine Control Module is the same thing; it depends on one car manufacture to the other one. So ECM, ECU, DME or PME is the same term to understand the engine control unit.

Many types of equipment work together—for example, an accelerator padel, injectors, air mixture system or exhaust system. The sensors fitted in the engine provide information to the ECU, and then ECU controls all the engine sub-controllers.

A faulty ECU can disturb the car, for example; misfiring, juddering, intermittent starting or can stop the car.

BMW CAS Repair

CAS (Car Access System) is an immobiliser system like other cars' security just the name BMW has given is different. Your car key and CAS work together as the Car Key Data stored in the CAS Module, and the CAS interlinked with other controllers and sub-controllers.

To make a new key, we need to synchronise key fob and CAS data to access the car.

CAS itself can fail as it is also an electronic part. As it works with the Engine Control Unit, the Body Control Module, the ABS and the Steering Control Unit, it can stop everything. The technicians not familiar with electronics can be confused.

We Auto Electrician will never disappoint you, whatever the electronics problem is. So you are in safe hands.

CID ECU Repair

BMW CID (Central Information Display) is a comprehensive information centre for the driver. Also, it provides a lot more information, including the navigation and entertainment facility. I will call it Information Hub as BMW has made one controller that let you control the entertainment, comfort and ride facility, thinks; it is a mixture of some controllers. Therefore, it is a complex system.

If it fails, you can imagine how much information that the driver wants all the time will lose. The screen will go blanks. You cannot pass M.O.T. It is a mess when the Central Information Display stops working.

Here then, Auto Electrician Hayes comes to help you out. When the dealer demands thousands of Sterling Pounds to buy a new (CID), we will repair the failed Central Information Display for a few hundred.


The automatic Electronic Gearbox System (AEGS) unit controls the automatic transmission. This unit is a bit complicated as compared to the other modules. The first is an expensive unit. Secondly, it is working with the Engine Control Module. If it fails, the car will not start and difficult to bring in the neutral gear. The CAN-Bus system makes the worst stopping other units. The new one is costly, and nowadays, dealers don't repair they suggest the customers buy a new gearbox.

We Auto Electrician Hayes repair faulty control units to make them affordable for our customers.

DKOMBI Module Repair

MFID Instrument cluster, is also a controller informing you of the warning lights, speed, RPM, and milage. Different manufacturers have different systems, like VW has an immobiliser system in the instrument cluster, but the BMW CAS module is a separate device connected to Instrument Cluster is also a controller that informs you with the warning lights, your speed RPM and mileage. Instrument Cluster attached to the CAN-Bus system connecting other controllers to confirm the correct information for the driver.

We offer our customers a reliable repairing service with a warranty.

Footwell Module Repair

The footwell module (FRM) is an electronics device that controls different sensors related to the headlights, driver door, passenger door, brake lights, reversing lights, suspension height, Hazard Lights, etc.

It is also associated with other controllers, i.e. Crash Safety Module, CAN-Bus, Light Beam Assist, Trailer Module, Body Control Module and more.

Footwell Module can be the leading cause if you find one or more troubles mentioned above as it's connected to the DKOMBI (the instrument cluster) and CID Module ( Central Information Display)

We specialise in all kinds of car electronics repair, including BMW and Mercedes.

BMW All Keys Lost

"BMW, All Keys Lost" is a nightmare for the owner as the BMW Dealers need the master key to programme a new key, and the dealer has to order the Master Key to the BMW head office in Germany. Secondly, Usually, the dealers are busy and give you 2-3 weeks time appointment. That is undoubtedly not feasible, especially for a family that has only one car.

Auto Electrician Hayes Ltd. has qualified electronic engineers that can go to your place and create a new BMW key for you within 30 minutes.