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Car Wiring Repair

Modern cars' electronics are vulnerable; it demands using the latest techniques to save electronics sensitive data that is programmed by the manufacturer. For example, radio codes deleted or other car programme deleted after battery replacement. Considering these issues, we are using Car Manufacturers' repair portals to get wiring diagrams and the related data according to the Car VIN (vehicle identification number). And this makes us different in the market.

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Car Diagnostic Test

Car Engine Diagnostic Test is essential to repair a car. Present cars have fitted OBDII sockets for diagnostic tests because they are full of electronic controllers that keep the car in their control. Now it is not possible to use a guess to repair a car. These controllers are purpose-built. To have a car diagnostic test, the technician must know about the electronic controllers' way of work because these controllers calculate their actuators, sensors, and solenoids through voltages. It is all about the mathematical calculation of voltages of the electronics components' PIDs data.

CAN-Bus Repair | Auto Electrician Hayes Ltd

CAN Bus Repair

CAN Bus Repair is a time-consuming job. Can-Bus the (Controllers Area Network) is the most sensitive area when you have a Car Diagnostic Test and receive U Codes it means there is a problem in the CAN Bus or any controller is not functioning correctly. Car CAN Bus comprised of two twisted wires, and these wires can have different colours. CAN Bus faults we diagnose using an oscilloscope that gives us the right direction to trace CAN-Bus faults and repair them.

Car ECU Repair

Engine Control Unit is a computer that controls all the controllers and the sub-controllers. It has a motherboard, or you can call it a Circuit Board with hundreds of electronics components in the circuit. It receives signals from the car sensors and orders to its related sub-controllers. Any power fluctuation, water or rust can damage the circuit board. Short-Circuiting can burn some components of the ECU board. We Auto Electrician Hayes test the Car ECU circuit board, repair and program it. Please call us for Car ECU Repair.

Car ECU Programming

An Electronic Control Unit is an Embedded System in-car electronics that comprised of many memory chips. These memory chips keep the car data safe to run the system accordingly.

The Vehicle Identity Number (VIN) has 17 digits, and it is the ID of the vehicle. When you unlock the car with the remote control or turn on the car ignition switch, the ECU reads the fed VIN if the VIN is not the same it refuses the car starting order. It passes the information through the Controller Area Network (CAN Bus) to all the controllers and the sub-controllers of the vehicle. Like VIN there are other many CODES saved in the microchips. If these codes vanish from the chips, the car will refuse to start or brings faults. Car ECU Programming is basically to download the original car configuration files and upload to the car computer that is called ECU (Engine Control Unit)

Body Control Module Repair Picture | Auto Electrician Hayes | Greater London

Body Control Modul Repair (BCM)

The car manufacturers use different technology and give different names to their electronics parts. For example, French manufacturers call this module BSI, VW calls it ECM therefore, as I have already explained in What Is OBDII System that every car has four parts of it. Body Control Module controls the body related components like car headlights, car immobiliser, car key remote, car interior lights, car comfort and car entertainment etc. When BCM stops working then nothing with work that related to the body module, but if it is faulty, then some of the items will work, and some of them will not work.

You cannot just buy from eBay and replace it because it has coding inside, you need to rebuild it before installing it in your car.

Car Immobiliser Repair

The Car Doesn't start. Immobiliser red light is flashing or red solid, car not turning over car cranking but no start, fuel no coming. It means you have trouble with the Immobiliser and the car immobiliser needs to be changed or repair. Our customers have given us 5 Start for this job.

Car Central Locking Repair

Car Central Locking system is a time-consuming job because it comprised of four doors, four windows, a boot and Immobiliser System. It is not easy to handle quickly. We have to dismantle all the doors boot actuators and electronics, and sometimes we have to work on the under the dashboard installed equipment but the above picture is key fob and most of the time the key fob creates the problem. If you have this problem, you have to leave your car with us for repair, and it cannot be just a couple of hours job.