Mercedes Electrical Repair

Mercedes ECUs Repair, Coding, Cloning and Programming.

As I have already explained, on the BMW Repair Page the BMW ECUs List is long, but the Mercedes ECUs List has even more ECUs in the Mercedes cars. The top range Mercedes car, S Class, has the most ECUs from the Mercedes ECUs List. We deal with some of the lists but critical ECUs.

Mercedes Key Fob Picture | Auto Electrician Hayes

Mercedes All Keys Lost

"Mercedes, All Keys Lost" is a nightmare for the owner as the Mercedes Dealers need the master key to programme a new key, and the dealer has to order the Master Key to the Mercedes head office in Germany. Secondly, Usually, the dealers are busy and give you 2-3 weeks time appointment. That is undoubtedly not feasible, especially for a family that has only one car.

Auto Electrician Hayes Ltd. has qualified electronic engineers that can go to your place and create a new Mercedes key for you within 30 minutes.

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Mercedes CDI Repair

Engine Control Unit or Engine Control Module is the same thing; it depends on one car manufacture to the other one. So ECM, ECU, DME or PME is the same term to understand the engine control unit.

Many types of equipment work together—for example, an accelerator padel, injectors, air mixture system or exhaust system. The sensors fitted in the engine provide information to the ECU, and then ECU controls all the engine sub-controllers.

We Auto Electrician Hayes Ltd comprises of experienced automotive electronics system engineers. We can repair the ECU circuit board, coding, programming and even cloning. Please feel free to contact us.