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How CAN-Bus Works


The present vehicles sometimes become a pain for mechanics and the owner of the car. All the electronic modules connect through the CAN-Bus (Controller Area Network), and the Lin-Bus (Local Interconnect Network) connect. If any module fails, the networks communication disconnects and the car starts giving problems. CAN Bus repair is quite a complicated job because no scanner car gets any clue; only wiring diagrams and oscilloscope can help the technician. It is a time-consuming task. The car engineers divided the car into three parts—engine, Body and Chassis. Engine Control Module (ECM).

How an ECU Works

Engine Control Unit (ECU) manage the car engine. Anti-Lock Braking System, Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) and Steering Control Module keep the car straight in an emergency. 

The Body Control Module (BCM) controls the Comfort Control Module and the security system (the Immobiliser). 

The Immobiliser works as Police. It is a part of the Body Control Module, but it works with ECU as well. As I have already explained, all the car modules interlinked through CAN-Bus and work in a loop. The car sensors work as an input of the information, and all the actuators are output. 

The Actuators run mechanical levers with the help of electronics. Every Module has a system comprises of Microprocessor, Flash and EEPROMs to receive and deliver messages via the CAN-Bus to the modules. Therefore, when the Immobiliser receives any dangerous code from the controllers, it puts the car in the Limp Mode and warns through the warning lights. If we do not repair it, it tells the ECU to stop the vehicle.

The OBDII invention is an excellent help for the technicians to save their time and customers' money. The car diagnostic system uses CAN-Bus Gateway by the OBDII protocol. Automotive Diagnostics scan the registered fault codes in the modules. The machine language is in Hexadecimal codes, so the automotive diagnostics translate into our speaking languages to make it easy for us. In my opinion, the Fault Codes we get from the diagnostics are not as helpful as Onboard Diagnostics' Parameter IDs are.   The Parameter IDs means live data of the vehicle. The calculation of PIDs is a bit difficult to memorise, and every carmaker creates different PIDs calculation for their trade secrets, but hard work always helps us.

How DPF Regeneration Works 

I have already explained Limp mode or Home Mode, but now I must explain the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). People got fed up with this annoying problem. The failer of DPF can put the car in limp mode or even can stop the vehicle. The fuel and air set mixture goes through the injectors to control the pollution. The manufacturers added an Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve (EGR Valve) to the exhaust system and Lambda Sensor. 

There are two Lambda or Oxygen Sensors in diesel cars, one in the front and the other at the back. These sensors give air and fuel mixture ratio's information before the combustion in the chamber and after direct to the ECU. This is how the Engine Control Unit creates new formula of the Air-Fuel Mixture considering the Lean or Rich state of the fuel sprayed by the injectors.  

To start the DPF system, it requires over 60 miles of speed continuously running for at least 45 minutes. The DPF heat-sensor needs over 550-celsius temperature to run the regeneration system. If this regeneration system will not run, and drivers just run their car less than 60 miles speed for years, the soot blocks the dpf system. 

Note: If there is one fault, even the regeneration system will never start.

ECU Repair | ECU Cloning

We are getting a considerable choice of facilities in the modern cars. We feel comfortable when we drive new vehicles, but we also have to face substantial car repairs. Before 2005 the dealers we selling new ECUs, and the customer has to pay a lot for their ECU repair.  

Usually, people do not bother repairing electronics in the United Kingdom. When electronics engineers realised that Car Dealers are ripping their customer pockets, some people started working on this problem. A few companies found the ECU software solution in the shape of reprogramming the ECUs. The equipment they offered was costly, and still, they are increasing prices instead of decreasing.

ECU Cloning can be in two ways: reflashing the bugs or changing the PC Board's microprocessor. But this was not the 100% solution. Some time PC Board's components stop working. You need a proper electronics engineer who can reinstall the damaged parts on the PC Board and knows embedded programming. 

Since 2005, people starting taking an interest in vehicle controllers repair. It isn't easy to find electronic components in the UK. There was a company called Maplin they were selling these components. Now they have closed down their shops, so nothing is available easily. Sometimes I have to wait for many days to get a few integrated circuits (ICs).

We provide you with all kinds of car ECUs short-circuiting repair, replacing parts and embedded programming, and cloning at reasonable prices. Please call us if you need our services, please contact us.

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